Joining Makespace

New members are always welcome at Makespace. Membership costs £40/month, and gives 24/7 access to the space and all the equipment. This money is used to keep Makespace and the equipment running.

Details of how to join are below. There is more information about membership and Makespace generally in our FAQ.


Makespace is a membership organisation and membership is open to individuals aged over 18.

Membership costs £40 inc VAT per month with a minimum subscription of 3 months. Members are required to pay monthly, sign the Membership Agreement, comply with the Makespace Rules, and attend an induction. (Website users should also note our Privacy Policy.) Members receive entry to both the general workshop and secure workshop via an access token (additional training is required to use some kit), may attend events, may book rooms/workspaces and may run events. Members must comply with membership terms and rules and must read and follow the Health and Safety briefing.

Guest Membership applies to visitors who are guests of Members, including anyone attending a hosted event. Guest Members must be accompanied by a member at all times. Guest Members are required to comply with the Makespace Rules, may not enter the Secure Workshop, cannot book rooms/workspaces or run events, and may be restricted in what equipment they can use. There is no charge for Guest Membership (although some events which Guest Members may attend may require an attendance fee to be paid).

How do I become a member?

  1. If you haven’t already, come and see Makespace at one of our weekly ‘See the space’ tours or during another open event – choose one on our Meetup page. This is important as we want you to know what you’re signing up for before you join.
  2. If you like what you see (you will, we’re sure!) then you should book an induction. Inductions are held a few times a month and are also listed on the Meetup page.
  3. Before you come to the induction you’ll need to set up a subscription, which is a recurring monthly fee, using a credit or debit card. It’s helpful if you can bring a photo (e.g. a passport photo) to your induction. It’s a good idea to read and digest the rules and safety briefings in advance, as well as the Membership agreement.The induction will ensure you know how to get out of Makespace in a fire, can identify the first-aid kit, know what’s in the membership agreement and where everything is. After this you will be able come and go as you please, but for certain pieces of workshop equipment you’ll need separate training before you can use each of them. You can arrange those trainings yourself once the initial induction is complete.
  4. Finally, we check your mailing address is correct by mailing you a passcode; once we get that back from you via email, we will activate your RFID token for 24/7 access.

If you have any problem with booking an induction, or if any of the steps are inappropriate for you, please get in touch with as at We are keen to make sure that we are as inclusive as we can be! This process was devised by the founding member community at a planning meeting after a long conversation about vetting, security and safety, as well as being influenced by strong advice from other hackspaces.

Cancellation and changes

Once you are a member your subscription is renewed from month to month. If you need to change your details (e.g. card details, address, e-mail etc) you can do so at which is the Recurly site where Makespace subscriptions are managed. If you want to cancel your subscription you can also do it via this site; it is helpful if you can also let us know by emailing membership <at> so we can make sure we cancel or suspend your membership in the way you wish. 30 days’ notice is required to terminate membership, and no refunds will be issued. we will generally disable your access fob after your next subscription payment would have been due.

In some cases if you have had the full 3-month minimum term of membership, you may be able to “park” your membership for a few months, for example if you are working overseas. Please contact membership (at) makespace (dot) org if you want to do this.

Complaints and problems

If you have any concerns or complaints about the service you receive from Makespace Cambridge Limited, please contact us in one of the ways listed on the contact page or e-mail management <at>

Founder Members

Founder Membership was especially for those who were able to support us with capital upfront. Founder Members paid £250 before Makespace was open, in exchange for 6 months of membership including early access to the space and involvement in planning and building the space and community. We are very grateful to all the Founder Members who made Makespace possible and who share responsibility for the space, kit and community.

A full list of Founder Members is on display at Makespace.